Motion Capture

Virtual Production & Performance Capture

Our virtual production and performance capture studio offers directors, game developers and advertising creatives comprehensive services and capabilities that cannot be found anywhere else under one roof. The studio offers unparalleled feature film, commercial, VR and videogame production expertise, a unique virtual production ecosystem with ongoing focused R&D, a performance-driven facial and body capture pipeline and the largest dedicated motion capture sound stages in Los Angeles.

Disney’s Jungle Book, Suicide Squad, Divergent, Maleficent, Enders Game, Jack the Giant Slayer, The Amazing Spider Man, the Tupac hologram at Coachella, Quantum Break (video game cinematics) Infamous Second Son (video game cinematics), Tomb Raider, The Rise of the Tomb Raider (video game cinematics), Destiny, Lady Gaga's perfume release spot amongst many others have all been shot here at the stage with our virtual production and performance capture crew.

Over the past four years we have developed an entirely new virtual production ecosystem that allows traditional filmmakers and video game developers to inhabit and collaborate entirely within the virtual world.

Within this unique virtual production ecosystem anyone can design, light, direct performance capture, shoot virtual cameras and edit a sequence for film, short-form commercial work, virtual reality and video game productions completely in real time.

Using a highly customized video game engine we are able to provide synchronous multi-view high-quality rendering into the virtual world with a strong emphasis on virtual reality for visualization, real-world lighting and simulating real film cameras. At the same time, we have the very unique ability to allow multiple artists to edit, light and change the virtual world all in real time.

This new ecosystem has replaced traditional pre-viz and post-viz along with on-set simulcam for visualizing set extensions and CG characters for feature film. This allows film makers to design, light, shoot and edit a film prior to even setting foot on a stage for principle photography.

The same ecosystem can be used to direct and create VR productions in real time whilst actually in VR.