Our Previsualization team provides the visualization of ideas throughout all phases of production and for projects of all sizes. Adding to Digital Domain’s suite of award-winning VFX offerings, we provide studios a turnkey, 360° visual effects solution from concept to screen.

We are uniquely positioned in the industry as an integrated department within one of the most preeminent visual effects facilities in the world. We are able to leverage the full might of Digital Domain’s facilities and departmental partners, scaling to suit any need. Our adaptability allows directors and their teams to iterate and redesign on the fly, achieving their creative vision as efficiently as possible without interrupting their creative flow.

With access to state-of-the-art motion capture volumes and support, we can easily expand our capabilities to any client needs without having to travel offsite. By starting their journey with a developed vision and ‘previsualized’ set of needs, productions can streamline the entire production pipeline, carrying their projects from inception to screen—all in one house. They can optimize production planning and financial outlay, often cutting several days off of a production schedule (and reducing re-shoot potential).