VR Distribution

The Digital Domain VR Platform is a broadcast-grade solution for distributing live and pre-rendered 360 experiences to audiences worldwide across movie devices, HMDs and desktops. Built for scale, this cloud-based platform combines tools for managing and enriching content with a set of white-labeled apps and SDKs to give you the widest reach. Stream live video or deliver video clips. Tailor your VR destination to your brand without any coding. Embed 360 experiences directly into your existing movie and web apps to engage audiences. Monetize with ads. Measure, monitor and engage to leverage VR to the best of its potential.

Stream compelling 360 narratives that promote your brand


• Distribute live and pre-rendered video (360 and 2D)
• Mix-n-match stereo and mono content
• Multi-camera streaming for live events
• Inject hotspots to create interactive videos
• Supports popular media formats and resolutions
• Deliver content via the web, mobile devices and HMDs