Situational Awareness

360˚ visibility for superior responses to critical situations

Since developing the technology behind Google Street View, our team has led the 360˚ video industry with a suite of hardware and software. Our 360˚ video system to capture and live stream spherical imagery, GIS and metadata in real-time gave us a leadership role in Situational Awareness and the intelligence community.

Our “solution in a box” includes the camera, software stitching algorithms, distribution channels, training, and support. It’s our historical performance and intellectual property that makes us uniquely suited to assist you in collecting and sharing data to ease critical situations.

360° Cameras

For more than twenty years, we’ve been the experts at designing & building 360˚
technology and experiences.

Current Offering: Kronos

Kronos is our newest innovation. It’s an all-purpose, spherical camera optimized for live 360 broadcast. It provides 4K, 60 FPS video through a single cable for both power and data, providing a rapid set-up and remote configuration. Its water resistance and price point also make Kronos an excellent camera for Situational Awareness applications.
Kronos Camera Specs 
    • 4K UHD at 60 FPS
    • 12-bit image processing
    • Gyro-stabilization
    • Integrated 360 audio
    • Single-cable interface (power and data): up to 100m
    • Weather resistant
    • Manual remote control
    • 6W power consumption
    • 3-¼ lbs

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Zeus is our high-end 8K 70 FPS 360 camera.

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